Global Virtual Number
It’s hard to imagine modern generation without telecommunication technologies. Sometimes, it’s simply impossible. These technologies are so much imprinted into our concept of world and in our private lives that it is simply unrealistic to imagine our existence without them at least for a while.

The art of communication is the language of leadership.

iCommunicate team provides unique communication solution that allows mobile professionals, home office workers, small businesses and independent entrepreneurs to sound more professional and function more productively

Mix & Match the services

Start From €40

Three Network
24 Months Contract
  • Unlimited Data in ROI
  • Unlimited ROI Calls and Texts
  • Unlimited Roaming EU Calls and Texts
  • 12GB of Data to use in the EU
  • 1500 International Calls
  • Subsidised Mobile Phones to choose from Apple, Samsung, One Plus, Huawei and many more….

Start From €13

24 Months Contract

Start From €3

12 Months Contract
Secure and Manage any device and data
Solution for BYOD - Bring Your Own 
Device - policies
Cloud Based Cybersecurity Solutions for 
the connected world

Start From €10

12 Months Contract

Fionnan Ryan

Chartered Accountant

Thanks to Manmeet for sorting out the mobile plans and virtual numbers, in an extremely quick and efficient manner. The plan and communication management tool is great for us as the office is not always managed.  I would have no hesitation in recommending iCommunicate World.

Andrew Evans

Head of Global Relations FDI Solutions

I can highly recommend the services of iCommunicate World without hesitation. I met Manmeet Abrol at a networking event and was immediately impressed with the services he talked about and the professionalism he portrayed. Within days of our initial discussion I had the Mobile Plan and Virtual Number installed and operational.  Any additional services I’ve required have been provided quickly and efficiently and any questions I’ve asked have been treated the same way. It’s been such a pleasure to deal with. By using the services of iCommunicate World I’m able to connect and deliver a great service to my own clients globally. Thank you very much Manmeet and iCommunicate World.

Jaswant Thakar

Owner TechHelp

Manmeet and team has saved me time and energy with their personal services, enabling me to reduce my telephone bills and better communication channel. I would have no hesitation in recommending iCommunicate World. 

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