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Virtual Number - A small feature that goes a long way

While the concept of virtual numbers is fairly simple, the benefits your business can gain really do go a long way. Even if cost savings are the only real concern for your organisation, virtual numbers can be a great way to cut down on some overhead. For small teams, or businesses with multiple locations, virtual numbers add a new level of flexibility and mobility otherwise non-existent to legacy solutions.

Whether your business is simply looking to adopt Google Voice, or add the feature to an existing hosted PBX solution, virtual numbers can go a long way for any size business, and can absolutely be a huge help to contact centers looking to improve their customer experience..
Benefits of Virtual Numbers
Virtual numbers also allows your business to establish a LOCAL PRESENCE without actually having one, adding a personalised touch to the experience and making it easier for clients to dial.
With virtual numbers, a SMB can create that PROFESSIONAL ENTERPRISE IMAGE, different numbers can be used to call in different services within your business.
By establishing virtual numbers based in the country your organisation does business, both your business and your clients can AVOID DRASTIC INTERNATIONAL FEES

Global Virtual Office

Don't rent when you can create a virtual office - get a local numbers in a city and forward to your existing phone lines.

Voicemail Transcription

Transcribe your voicemail and email or text it to you - read your voicemails without dialling in saving so much time...

24/7 Virtual Receptionist

Gives callers a bespoke, studio-recorded welcome and then directs to the person or department you want, customisable anytime.

International Numbers

Choose a landline phone number for your business - local, national, international, anywhere really

Diary Based Forwarding

In a meeting? Can't take the call? You decide hour-to-hour, day-to-day where you want your calls directed to.

Redirect to Any Phone

Have your calls forwarded to your existing mobiles or landlines locations. Can't take the call? Send them to other employees who are available.

Call Management Made Easy ….

Is Your Business Missing Important Calls?

If you’re too busy in work and can’t find the time to take every single call that comes in, remember that bespoke virtual office management system can be used to answer and direct all your important business phone calls, meaning there won’t be any more missed opportunities! With right solution, you will have a means to ensure that not one single potential client lead, query or deal is missed out on due to your office space being too busy for you to pick up the phone at any given time.

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